Fourtunate – “Sing It Out” Official Video and Behind The Scenes…

Here It Its, The Official Music Video of “Sing It Out”. Special mention to The Story Board NZ for pulling this all together with us, and Monster Products for hooking the boys up.

Video Links Below

2 thoughts on “Fourtunate – “Sing It Out” Official Video and Behind The Scenes…

  1. hey, I really like your music, I was wondering why isn’t it available to purchase on iTunes outside New Zealand? Can you change that?Like, can you allow other countries like UK to be able to get your songs on iTunes? I’d appreciate it.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Alie, thanks for your comment. We are working on getting more of Vinces music recognized internationally. At the musix released is under the labels ability to release whichever territory he is signed to and it is at their discretion. There will be a new single from Vince released in March. Best regards. Admin

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